Meet the Owners


Lakeville Brewing Co LLC is locally owned and managed by Glen and Kate Bruestle and Don and Megan Seiler along with Head Brewer Taylor Quill.

How we met…

Megan and Don Seiler have lived in Lakeville since 2007. With a love for craft beer and great food, they often found themselves traversing the river into Minneapolis and St. Paul to satisfy their cravings. They loved the variety of craft beers and food options and especially loved the places that welcomed families (it adds to the enjoyment and cuts down on the babysitter costs!). After years of wondering whether anyone would open a similar place in Lakeville, in 2014 they decided to start planning to open one themselves. They knew that a craft brewery had to be part of the equation. They also knew their limitations, and with only 7 years of simple home brewing experience and zero restaurant ownership experience, they knew they needed partners!

Glen and Kate Bruestle are both Minnesota natives who have lived in Lakeville since 2007. With over 18 years of experience running other people’s restaurants, Glen was hard at work in 2014 planning to eventually open his own place. With a love of simple and delicious food, years of kitchen management experience, and a creative flare, they were looking for that little something extra to bring their vision to life. Also homebrewers and craft beer enthusiasts, Glen and Kate imagined how wonderful it would be to partner with a craft brewery.

The four met while each couple was investigating a potential business location.  Both had inquired and inspected potential locations through Metro Equity Management in Lakeville. Metro Equity had originally proposed to divide the property at 8790 Upper 208th Street W in half; making one part the brewery and the other the restaurant. Glen and Kate wanted to meet the people who were considering a brewery beside their restaurant. Don and Megan wanted to meet the restaurant owners who would open beside them. After meeting, it was clear that there was a potential partnership. After a couple of months of additional business planning to bring their ideas together, Lakeville Brewing Co. LLC was formed.